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In Raleigh County, our teachers and administrators are committed to developing meaningful services for students with disabilities working “Hand In Hand” with families to seek and identify children and youth, ages three through twenty-one years, who may have developmental delays or exceptionalities. If you have a concern, you can help your child develop to his or her fullest potential by contacting the Office of Special Programs at the Raleigh County Board of Education where we can provide information about Child Find opportunities. For more information regarding Child Find, please access:

Hand In Hand with Special Education Parent Guide.

Hand In Hand has been developed to assist parents, guardians and other family members in learning more about special education and how they can work as partners with educators to provide appropriate educational services for children. The West Virginia Department of Education believes individuals with exceptionalities, given high expectations, opportunities and support when necessary, will live successful adult lives.”  Dr. James Phares, State Superintendent of Schools



Participation Guidelines 2013-2014

The posted document contains new and updated assessment accommodation guidance for the 2013-2014 school year. Please review the information carefully as several new accommodations are now available.

Raleigh County Guidance

New Accommodations Summary

WVDE (Online Writing) Clarification Document

Jan.14, 2014 - Power Point Presentation

Jan.14, 2014 - Webinar Recording

Procedures for Amending an IEP

Smarter Balanced Guidelines


Monthly Honoree
Shady Spring High School

It’s a slam dunk! Shady Spring High leads the pack as they exceed the state standard for Graduation Rate at 83%. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the school, administration and especially our Special Education team at Shady Spring High.
These teachers work hard to have a good rapport with their students and are involved in every aspect of their lives. These students come to us with their needs and are comfortable asking for help or guidance in all facets of their lives. We use a variety of placements such as the alternative school, homebound placement or changing their environment in the school to make sure our kids receive an education and are afforded the opportunity to graduate.

Mr. Moye commended his special education staff with being a team and involved in their students education. "There is camaraderie among the special education staff and the general education teachers which fosters involvement among our student population. Our kids get involved socially and we put emphasis on graduation which helps our school community become actively involved."

Dave Shaw leads the special education team at Shady Spring High and commended his staff with making sure to match the student to a positive class where they will experience not only a positive learning environment but success in their class which can only bolster their confidence to learn. Jocelyn Wood keeps her colleagues up to date on any students in the alternative setting keeping the lines of communication ongoing and keeping the student’s success rate at the upmost importance.

Congratulations Shady Spring High Tigers! Way to go!

Shady Spring High School



Facility Calendar

To view a list of activities taking place at the Special Education Facilities, please access the Facilities Calendar.


Raleigh County Board of Education Policy D.3.1 mirrors West Virginia Board of Education Policy 2419 - Regulations for the Education of Students with Disabilities.


Among students with disabilities, Raleigh County ranks 4th in reading and 6th in math as measured by the West Virginia Department of Education on state standardized assessment.


Raleigh County is breaking new ground and leading the state as we implement county wide technology initiatives impacting instruction and achievement.

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IDEA and WVBOE Policy 2419 lists disability categories under which a child may be found eligible for special education and related services.

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